Production Approach

Jerusalem 67 is a primarily English language film that has been conceived and is being produced to reach the largest possible international audience. It is our firm intention that the film should play at multiplex theaters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in arthouse cinemas as well as it does at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

We have commissioned a screenplay by award winning screenwriter Lior Geller. Lior is American born, fluent in Hebrew and in English, a graduate of Tel Aviv University's film program, and currently residing in Los Angeles. As such he has both the life experience to write an accurate depiction of life in Jerusalem in 1967 and the talent and sensibility to tell a story that will prove to be a mainstream international success.

The film will use a mix of accomplished American and Israeli actors, producers and technicians. The film will be shot in Israel.

The budget for the film is estimated to be between $6 million and $8 million. As such it will be a high budget film by Israeli standards and a low budget film by American standards. By making an English language film and using Israeli incentives, skilled Israeli crews and state of the art Israeli production facilities we intend to produce a film that will have the production value and mainstream appeal of a much larger budget American film.

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